Project Management Consultant

Our Client is a privately held medical device company, established in 2000 to provide innovative medical design, engineering and manufacturing services for minimally invasive surgical implants, with a particular emphasis on textile-based solutions for sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery.

The company employs approximately 80 people encompassing product development, manufacturing, sales & marketing, as well as a range of support services.    Its current product portfolio is distributed worldwide via a number of specialist distributors.

It has a strong management team who place great emphasis on the welfare and personal development of all employees and cares greatly about the way it conducts its business and its standing in the community.

Looking to the future, the company anticipates an increase in its overall product development activities and the need to ensure continued improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of this critical part of its business.

The central role that Project Management has to play will therefore increase in importance and its contribution to the future growth and development of the company cannot be overstated.

With this in mind, the timing seems right to take an in-depth look at this vital area and to identify not only those aspects where Project Management is working well today, but also what can be done, either differently or better, and across the company as a whole, that will make a positive impact.

The intention is to secure the services of an external (and objective) Project Management professional (Consultant) who will: –

  • Be able to understand and quickly get a good feel for the nature of the company’s business and its culture.
  • Work closely with all involved parties within the company to observe and analyse current Project Management practices (systems, processes, communications etc.)
  • Identify like future Project Management needs / demands.
  • Identify core strengths that can be further built on.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement or innovation.
  • Recommend a plan of action for the company to implement.

The ultimate aim is for Project Management to be recognized, internally and externally, as a genuine core competency of the company.  This will impact on current business as well as the company’s ability to attract new partners.

If this opportunity is a good fit for you, please contact Geoff Newman (Interea) as soon as possible.

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