Interim Head of Commercial Planning

Our client, based in the UK, is a well-funded, small speciality pharma company currently at a very exciting stage in its life. With two innovative products already in phase III, they are optimistic of being in a position to make initial regulatory submissions later this year that would then allow for subsequent commercialisation in 2017.

The company has a very focused and disciplined approach to their R & D efforts – the intended result being a range of products that will be capable of being promoted to a relatively small and easily identifiable target group of physicians, and the benefits this will bring in terms of promotional effectiveness.

With the clinical development programme progressing well and in such a timely manner, thoughts now must turn to commercialization. Thinking of the European market, some initial work is required to evaluate the various alternatives that exist – be that the setting up of the company’s own commercial operations within key markets or the licencing out of their products to one or more partners either for selected markets or for Europe as a whole.

Looking at the commercial situation more tactically, what pre-launch work will be required to ensure successful launch ?   Pricing, reimbursement, the support of KOL’s, the required commercial infrastructure are just a few of the key issues that will need to be addressed and built in to a well thought-through, well-timed and fully-costed commercially-orientated business plan.

(Please note that the key deliverable of this interim assignment is a fully-costed and timed commercial plan of the various alternatives. Implementation of the agreed plan will be to follow.)

In addition to laying the foundations for all subsequent commercial efforts, these commercial plans will be very much at the forefront of the company’s fund-raising efforts scheduled for Q3 2015.

The successful candidate will:-

  • Have a very strong pharma sales and marketing background, and be able to point to the successful launch of products in the orphan / speciality area.
  • Be highly international in outlook and experience – Pan-European familiarity is a must-have, with US experience or interaction an added bonus.
  • Have an ability to see (and help create) the big picture and to think strategically. Also of vital importance will be experience in identifying and understanding the many smaller, more tactical activities that will require attention, market by market, to ensure a successful launch.
  • Have lots of initiative and energy. This is a small company with no existing commercial infrastructure to call upon.
  • Be able to interact constructively with colleagues within the company who have clinical development and regulatory affairs responsibility.
  • Be a clear thinker and capable of presenting and selling the plans to top management and potential investors.

This piece of work, to be completed by mid-Summer, is of critical importance to the company as it moves forward, and the interim role has the genuine possibility of transitioning into something permanent later in the year.

If this is of interest to you, please contact Geoff Newman of Interea International as soon as possible. Phone 01844 – 202989 or email to

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