Interim Clinical Development Manager : Oncology : Medic

Our UK client has an exciting number of oncology drugs already in clinical development across a range of indications.  They are all small molecules and 2011 is a critically important year in which the company expects to see significant progress.

The need exists for an Interim Clinical Development Manager to provide the necessary levels of support and guidance that the various clinical studies (mainly in the US) are likely to demand.  This is a vitally important and highly operational role, that will provide genuine satisfaction and demand high energy levels and a real attention to detail.

Reporting the the company’s VP of R & D, candidates must be medics, with some experience of oncology and are likely to have not less than 2-3 years of industry experience.

The assignment is of 12 months duration, and it is expected that the role will demand not less than 3 days per week (5 would be ideal), of which the majority should be in the UK offices of our client.

This is an exciting opportunity to make a significant contribution to the development of high potential drugs and of the company overall.

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