Proven in Life Sciences accreditation

Since 1998, Interea’s ability to provide experienced Interim Finance professionals has been one of the reasons why our reputation has grown to where it stands today.

Whilst recognizing that Finance is perhaps one of the functions where skills are transferrable across different sectors, many of our Clients continue to express a preference for the candidates we put forward to have genuine experience of life sciences.

It may be that a good understanding of the sales & marketing functions within pharma would be of real use. Perhaps recent experience of working within the constraints of a small venture-capital backed biotechnology company is particularly critical or possibly the need is for candidates who have personal experience of PPRS or pan-European planning processes that the majority of pharma companies are familiar with.

Whatever the reason, Interea is proud of its proven ability to provide such individuals, and as part of our commitment to continually satisfy our Clients’ needs, we are pleased to announce the launch of the “Proven in Life Sciences” accreditation.

This accolade is afforded only to those Interim Managers who combine a proven track record of delivery within the Finance field with firm evidence of having worked successfully and recently within the life sciences sector.

Such experience may have been with a pharma or biotech company, with a medical device or diagnostic company or with one of the many companies such as CRO’s, CMO’s etc. who play such a key part in the life sciences sector as a whole.

Will these Interim Managers have worked only within life sciences?

The answer is likely to be “no” – indeed many of the skills that our Clients will want to call on will have been learnt or refined whilst working for other companies in other sectors. It is the addition of specific life sciences experience that makes these individuals different and better able to ensure success in the assignment.

  • If you are a Company with an interim need for an experienced Finance professional, make sure you get someone who truly understands your business and the people you employ. Look for Interea and for the “Proven in Life Sciences” symbol.
  • If you are an Interim Finance professional with experience in life sciences, or you have such experience and are considering a career within interim management, please contact Interea. We can find you the assignments for which you are the perfect fit.

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