Expanded New Service from Interea International

Further to its successful introduction in 2010, Interea is pleased to announce the expansion of its “Proven in Life Sciences” accreditation to now include Interim Finance professionals.

Introduced in response to Client demand, this accreditation is afforded only to those Interim Managers who combine a proven track record of delivery within either the Human Resources or Finance field with firm evidence of having worked successfully and recently within the life sciences sector.

Such experience may have been with a pharma or biotech company, with a medical device or diagnostic company or with one of the many companies such as CRO’s, CMO’s etc. who play such a key part in the life sciences sector as a whole.

Will these Interim Managers have worked only within life sciences?

The answer is likely to be “no” – indeed many of the skills that Clients will want to call on will have been learnt or refined whilst working for other companies in other sectors.  It is the addition of specific life sciences experience that makes these Interim Managers from Interea different and better able to ensure success in the assignments on which they work.

Geoff Newman, Managing Director of Interea, commented “Whether the need is for an Interim Human Resources or an Interim  Finance professional, Clients can now make sure they appoint someone who truly understands their business and the people they employ.  Feedback from companies we have spoken with about “Proven in Life Sciences” has confirmed that this is a service in high demand.”

About Interea International

Interea is a leading provider of middle to senior level interim management to life science companies in the UK and continental Europe. Founded in 1998, the company handles assignments across all functions, full-time or part-time.

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