Chief Executive Officer (CEO) :

Our Client is a spin-out company that raised initial seed funding in 2008 followed by further and more major investment in 2010 on the back of achieving a number of key scientific milestones.

The scientific basis for the company is a novel proprietary platform technology that will allow for the rapid, efficient and systematic identification of oligonucleotide therapeutic (TFD) sequences that are intended to counter a broad range of increasingly drug-resistant bacterial infections.

Several R & D programmes are currently in play, two of which have shown good efficacy data in animal models of infection.

It is now time to ramp up both the scientific and business activity of the company.  The need therefore exists for an experienced CEO to lead and drive these efforts forward, drawing both VC and corporate interest to the company and guiding it through the initial transition from a research-based start-up to a clinical stage company.

Candidates will need to demonstrate a real passion for the technology, for the challenges that undoubtedly lay ahead and for the contribution the company can hopefully make to the improvement of human health in what is increasingly being seen as a growing and critical area for patients worldwide.

The securing of further significant investment and the building of an impressive management team are just two of the key tasks that the CEO will be expected to deliver on.

For the first 6-12 months, the successful candidate is likely to be working an average of 3 days per week on this opportunity.  After 12 months, the intention would then be to transition into a full-time and permanent role.

Without doubt, this is a tremendously exciting opportunity with a company that has outstanding potential.  The challenges will be significant, but the rewards and satisfaction that will come from a job well done are not difficult to imagine.

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