Case History 2

The Client

The UK commercial operating subsidiary of a European Pharmaceutical company.

The Need

Interim Human Resources Manager

In line with its counterparts in the other key markets in Europe, this Client, with products already on the market and a critically important new product launch coming up shortly, was changing quickly. A whole range of HR policies and practices needed to be developed and implemented and a number of key recruitment activities needed to be brought to conclusion.

Recruitment was underway for someone to occupy the position on a permanent basis, but the Client could not wait until such time as the right person was identified and appointed. The need was for an Interim HR Manager, with proven experience of working in pharma and who could quickly grasp the type of company (and culture) that the Managing Director was trying to create. The Interim had to be immediately available and live locally.

Assignment Dimensions

Initial duration of 3 months. Intensity likely to be 3-4 days per week.


A shortlist of 3 experienced individuals was presented and reviewed with the Client within 4 days of Interea being asked to set to work. All 3 were interviewed and a preferred candidate was selected who literally “ticked all the boxes”.

Positive references were obtained, compensation agreed and the assignment began 1 week later.

The assignment was successfully completed with a 3 day handover to the newly appointed permanent HR Manager. Recruitment of other key people had gone well with 3 appointments made.

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